JL Rear Door Folding Tray/MOLLE Panel, Riser and Bag Combo

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Yes, this is the deal that includes the prep table, MOLLE Pouches and folding table

The production units for sale are BLACK

Grey is only used in the prototypes and for better detail for photographs


One JL Rear Door Folding Rack (Black Powdercoat)

Hardware for assembly and mounting

One Jeep JL Folding Table Riser/Prep Surface

Two Large Black STAT MOLLE  Pouches (Note: The two black bags cannot be used together in conjunction with the Riser. If you want two bags that will fit please drop me a note to substitute the Medium bag for one of the Large Bags)

This bolt-on aluminum panel allows you to have a flat surface for food prep or as a riser to place items on that would not normally fit into the "tray" area of the table.

It will also allow you to have a flat surface to work on while simultaneously allowing the ability to use the MOLLE grid for fastening MOLLE pouches or bolting on accessories to the MPAC grid.

Important NOTE:

In order to keep the price reasonable for this riser, we have elected to use industrial grade aluminum. This means that there will likely be surface scratches and suction cup marks on the aluminum surface.

Please look at the pictures before buying the riser if this sort of thing may bother you. We feel that the superficial defects that are present would be no worse than after the average person uses the table for a few times. With these aesthetics in mind, we only guarantee the functionality of the riser....scratches and marks should be expected.

What is it good for?

This is the perfect place to keep your items that should be most accessible. Since the tail gate swings open this is the perfect place to keep shackles and straps for recovery or any item that you would like to keep in check during those rough off road excursions. The MOLLE panel will drop into a “table” so you have somewhere to hold parts for an ongoing trail repair or just serving up a picnic lunch.

Does it rattle?

This is the most common question that we get from potential customers….The answer is “Heck No!”

We have spent considerable research in finding the best method to dampen any noise, we settled on a combination of marine grade materials and tight tolerances achieved by accurate laser cuts.

We offer the tightest tolerances in the industry. Unlike the competition….if any components wear out, they can be easily replaced.

Tell me about the features….

The JL Rear door folding rack system offers a number of valuable features

Easy access to the back side of the rack for threading MOLLE pouches

Adjustable toggle latches rated at 220 pounds holding capacity each

Paracord suspension with built in binders

High quality MPAC grid with precision fitted components (patent# US D678,167S).

High quality BLACK powder coating for a long service life

The MPAC rack converts into a fold down tray to hold your tools or even just a picnic lunch

The rack is rated for about 24 pounds (as dictated by MOPARs table using the same mounting system, adjusted for weight difference).
NOTE: The rack was tested to 25 pounds in the closed position. The weight limit on the open position may vary based on the wear of the para-cord which may be subject to slip if too much weight is applied. Always test the capability of the paracord not to slip under your desired weight application before trusting it. If the paracord slips…then you should tie off the upper para-cord hold so it does not slip. As always, we recommend that the tailgate rack be used for lighter cargo and that any heavier items be properly secured on the cargo floor

Paracord suspension can provide needed cordage in an emergency. Inexpensive to replace or to customize.

Completely reversible with minimal modifications to your Jeep. 

Note: Requires Drilling access ports through plastic removable door panel to access mounting points on the door. (Jeep designed it this way). Well-marked and easy to do.

Is it really “Heavy Duty”?

When we say heavy duty, we mean HEAVY DUTY! The JL MPAC Rear Door Folding Rack/table is composed of formed and laser cut 16 gauge steel and the backing plate is manufactured from 11 gauge steel. We have included the best quality hardware that we could find. Likely it will outlast your vehicle.

Is the installation hard?

After the initial assembly of the rack……installation takes less than 15 minutes and requires only basic hand tools and a drill. The instructions are clear with illustrations. really, it could not be any easier…we have thought of everything!


Folding tray/Grid: 27 ¾ inches x 11 ½ inches