JK Straddle Combo (Discontinued)

JK Straddle Combo (Discontinued)

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This product is discontinued

ALL JK Straddles are SOLD OUT

Fits 2007-2010 Jeep JKs
We are pleased to bring our MPAC Straddle Rack concept to the Jeep JK Unlimited. This item has met with rave reviews from the FJ crowd and an unending stream of requests from the JK owners.

What is it good for?
It is perfect for organizing those small items that never seem to be where you want them in the center console. Since it is our patented MPAC design, you will find that it can change with your whims. Besides MOLLE pouches we have found that our customers have been mounting everything from CB radios to Gun Holsters.

Is the installation hard?
Not at all….The JK Straddle can be mounted in as little as 30 seconds. The Straddle can be mounted either with the supplied Velcro or we have supplied Jack nuts that can be mounted in the plastic. Either of these methods will allow for easy removal of the straddle for changing accessories.
The only advantage of the “Hard Mounted” method is that if you have an item mounted that you tug on (IE Holster, CB microphone, etc.)…your straddle will stay tightly secured to the center console.

Will it fit my 2 door?
Yes, but depending on what you have mounted on the straddle...certain items may interfer with the tip forward function of the passenger seat. The straddle itself will clear the seat fine.

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