FJ Cruiser Scabbard Rack Only

FJ Cruiser Scabbard Rack Only

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Part Number:FJ-SCAB-1

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Scabbard Style

Note: This item has been permanently been discontinued

This purchase includes

One  MPAC Scabbard Rack
(no pouches or scabbard)

Hardware/one friction wrench

This concept was actually spawned by the constant stream of requests to mount a MOLLE Scabbard on the back door of the FJ Cruiser.

The MPAC rack measures 5 inches x 30 inches and can be mounted to just about any flat surface.

We have designed this particular setup so that the rack can be removed externally in order to adapt to your needs. This requires the use of Jack nuts that until now have required a fairly expensive tool to install. We have found a much cheaper "friction wrench" which we can include with the hardware. Also, in most cases...the entire setup can be mounted on your FJ Cruiser without removing the rear door panel.

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