FJ Console Rack

FJ Console Rack

Your Price: $59.00
Part Number:FJRCC-1
This is for the rack alone (no bags)

The production units for sale are BLACK

Grey is only used in the prototypes and for better detail for photographs

Dimensions: 8w x 6h inches

What is it good for?
This is a nice sized rack positioned in the rear most portion of the center console. The rack will handle most small to mid-sized MOLLE pouches. We find that it works perfect with our MAP pouch and our midsized STAT pouches. We feel that this would be a particularly convenient area to place our 1st Aid Stat Pack. Supplied with Jack nut hardware…the rack can be easily removed and replace with 4 bolts.

Is the installation hard?
Depends on how you do it, either way it is not difficult.  The first and easiest method would involve the use of a Jack nut tool (available online for about $20.00). If you had this tool….all you would have to do is determine the location of the rack, drill the holes, insert the jack nuts and bolt the rack on.

The second installation option would involve taking the center console apart to get at the back side to collapse the Jack nuts manually. It is not terribly difficult….just takes a bit more time.

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