Frequently Asked Questions

What is MOLLE?

For those of you that are not involved with the military or law enforcement, the term MOLLE may sound rather strange. The term is pronounced like Molly, the feminine name, is an acronym for MOdular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. It is used to define the current generation of load-bearing equipment and rucksacks utilized by the United States Army. The system's modularity is derived from the use of PALS webbing, rows of heavy-duty nylon stitched onto the vest as to allow for attachment of various MOLLE-compatible pouches and accessories. This method of attachment has become somewhat of a standard for all quality modular military gear, replacing the click and stick system used in the earliest modular vest systems (which is still in use with most Western police departments).

The term MOLLE is used not only to describe the specific system manufactured by Speciality Defense Systems, but is used interchangeably to generically describe all load bearing systems and subsystems that utilize the woven PALS (Pouch Attachment Ladder System) webbing for modular pouch attachment (though MOLLE is proprietary to Natick Labs, most use MOLLE and PALs interchangeably). Derivatives based upon the MOLLE attachment method (such as the Tactical Tailor MALICE clip system) have also been developed. Any system which utilizes modular attachment methods and is usable with U.S. general issue MOLLE components is often considered "MOLLE-compatible" or is called a "MOLLE" system. More and more non-military manufacturers are incorporating MOLLE technology into outdoor equipment.

There are three general modes of attachment in the MOLLE arena; they are "Natick Snap” that uses a polyethylene reinforced webbing strap with the 'pushthedot' snap for security. There is the polymer "Malice" clip developed by Tactical Tailor as an alternative to the Natick Snap concept, interweaves like the Natick Snap, but terminates in a semi-permanent closure that requires a screwdriver/flat tipped object to disengage. Finally there are a variety of attachments that fall into the "Weave & Tuck" category in which the end of an interwoven strap is tucked into an item's backing after attachment to a vest or pack (Paraclete's SofStrap and Spec Ops Brand's hybrid attachment).

The PALS grid consists of horizontal rows of 1" webbing, spaced 1" apart, and reattached to the backing at 1.5" intervals.

What makes your pouches better than the others on the market?

Early in our development of this product, we discovered that not all MOLLE pouches are created equally. Our main goal was to develop a pouch and a line of bags that could take the wear and tear of the off-road world. First the product needs to be durable and we have achieved that with the use of 600 denier nylon fabric that has a water resistant interior (the same material that motocross/enduro gear is made of...really tough stuff!). The bags have self repairing zippers and multiple functional compartments while the pouches have our special "triple retention" system. Most MOLLE pouches that you will see on the market have only Velcro or a buckle to provide closure; we have added a shock cord to ensure that the contents stay inside the pouch where they belong. You may see a product with 2 of these features but we are the only ones with the "triple retention" system. We have made every effort to make our sure that pouches are not only better than our competitors but also much less expensive (in some cases 50-200 percent less). We can do this by limiting our overhead and keeping the product simple.  The majority of our product line is compatible with our rigid grid system (M-PAC) which increases its versatility.

I see other products similar to MPAC...Are they just as good?

Springtail pioneered the concept of rigid MOLLE mounts for off roading. We have hundreds of satisfied customers and our success has spawned a number of copycats (both in metal and fabric)…neither will offer you the quality that Springtail and MPAC brings to the table. Our patent pending design will accept most Molle/PALs pouches and offers a versatility that is unmatched.

Springtails metal products have been quality engineered for specific applications, MPAC provides the ultimate in storage capability. The term "universal" is not in our vocabulary. MPAC represents an evolution of the MOLLE concept and exceeds the capability of the competition in every way.

Click here to read our warning about MPAC Knockoffs

MPAC Racks will not sag or tear like fabric nor will it fade or wear out (no matter how strong the fabric is..it will fail when weight is applied for a long enough period).

MPAC Racks not only will accept MOLLE/PAL pouches but has been designed to utilize Quickfists as well.

Springtails products have been tested in both Iraq and Afghanistan without fail.

All of our metal products are built here in the Midwest by quality manufacturers (the same ones that make parts for big green and yellow Agriculture equipment). Being close to the manufacturer allows us to take advantage of services and technologies only dreamt of in a smaller shop.

Simply put; We offer the best!

How does the M-PAC system work?

M-PAC is a grid system that will accept multiple styles of modular pouches. After it is affixed to your application, the fabric straps can be weaved through the grid work to provide a secure network of pouches/bags the will fit your specific needs. Since the pouches are on the door, this frees up your cargo bay for other materials. The pouches can be easily removed or interchanged with other pouches for different needs. So if you need to carry items for work during the week, and you want to carry camping supplies on the weekend...M-PAC is for you! M-PAC is perfect for the storage 1st aid kits or survival packs. The system is designed to go with you if desired, let's say that for some reason you are stuck and need to leave your vehicle. All it takes is a few snaps and your desired pouch is ready to go with you. Not only that but we have designed the bags to be easy to carry either by looping the straps through a belt or in many cases we have included a shoulder strap to make it that much easier. Let's hope that M-PAC is just as useful everyday, during our evaluation phase of the product, my wife found it useful for holding baby supplies and used the cargo bay as a makeshift baby table. M-PACs uses is only limited by your imagination.

Can I use my own Modular Pouches?

You Betcha! That is the whole goal of the M-PAC system is to be versatile.  At Springtail, we understand that many of our customers are also ex-military, hikers and campers that already have some modular packs. We designed the system with this in mind so that you can use the pouches that you already have. We like to think that our pouches are superior and that you would like to buy them, but if you already have the pouches....hey, it saves you money!

Is there a weight rating on the M-PAC system?

The weight rating depends upon the application and the mounting surface. The system was designed for the storage of lightweight objects (i.e.: Jackets, 1st aid kits, survival packs etc.).  You must use common sense when loading your rack, our pouches and grid systems are designed to hold a tremendous amount of weight. But if you put that pouch on the M-PAC rack that is attached to a plastic surface or overload a doors hinges...bad things are going to happen. Springtail will take no responsibility in damage caused by overloading the M-PAC Rack.

How come all your bags are Black, can I get another color?

First of all black is a popular color. Another reason that the bags are all black is that when we have the bags manufactured, they are done so in lots of about 500-1000. This allows us to dictate the features that we want in a certain bag and also there is a price break that we pass along to the customer.  There are other suppliers of MOLLE pouches and bags out there, your color choices are generally black, olive drab, desert tan, and digital camouflage.

Where is my stuff ? When did it ship?

We generally ship via UPS on M,W,F. Due to our remote location, UPS generally picks up late in the day around 5 pm. Everyone will have an email notification from UPS when items ship....please check your spam box if you have not received your notification.

Please keep in mind that it takes time to process and pack the order. If you have a rush request, we will do our best to accommodate your needs. First, you will need to email us and get a quote.

Please try to be reasonable, we have limited staff who multitask throughout the day. We do not offer expedited shipping on the website and due to our 3 day per week shipping schedule we never recommend that you consider it. While we strive to get orders out in an expedient manner, I can assure you that life will not end as we know it if you remain disorganized for an extra day or so.

I live in _________ country, will you ship to me?

We have partnered with Ebay international shipping services, our most popular items are listed on eBay, by using their international shipping service....you need to be aware of how the process works.  eBay international orders are shipped first to their central processing facility in KY, they will then forward the product using their system to you. We cannot track items once they are received at the eBay shipping facility.

I have a question, what is the best way to get it answered?

Due to the proliferation of telemarketers, we use the phone as little as possible. Because of this annoyance, we just don't answer the phone.

We have found that it is much better to use email because all previous conversations can be instantly referenced. Any questions can be promptly be answered by the person best suited to do so...just formulate any questions on an email and they will be answered....please try to keep most questions on a single email for easier references.


We will fully refund any product that is returned unused AND in the condition that we sent it to you.  We recommend that you carefully package the product for return as if it is damaged during shipping, it will be subject to fees to fix or replace damaged components.

Any product that is returned in any other condition (IE “used”) will be evaluated on a case by case basis...the least being a 20% restocking fee for inspection, repackaging, and having to refinish the powder coating. Any product modified by drilling or any modifications to the metal/powdercoat completely voids the warranty.

Springtail does not pay for the shipping fees on returned items unless it is for a manufacturers defect.

Springtail only warranties products that are sold directly from us to the original customer.

I broke an index plunger and think that you should send me one for free (JK Rear Door Folding Tray)

We do not replace the broken index plungers for free.  It is our policy that if a customer manages to break an index plunger on installation in spite of multiple written warnings in the instructions, on the packaging and a special instructional video....we have really done as much as we can to avoid such an occurrence.

We do not manufacture the index plungers and understanding that they are fragile, we have searched out the best quality plungers of their type (stainless steel).  Even the high quality hardware that we use is by it's nature (a spring-loaded plunger in a hollow bolt), the type of hardware that is very sensitive to over tightening....Hence all of the warnings.

Understanding your frustration, we do take some ownership with this occasional issue. The index plungers are actually very expensive as hardware goes and cost about $7.50 each. The 7 dollars that we ask for from you, really only covers the cost of shipping you a new unit via USPS priority.